The Maryland Information Network can help your organization to:

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Working together, we can support the whole-person by addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). MIN’s comprehensive connections with health and human service agencies provide one-stop access for patients to essential resources.

Hospitals can also utilize our outcome-oriented unmet needs data sets to inform strategic decisions that reduce health inequities and achieve a value-based care model that works by lowering readmissions and improving patient health.

Enhance Education with Coordinated Family Support

By strategically focusing on family dynamics that impact academic success, we can help children attain their full academic potential. A coordinated support plan for families and service providers addresses daily challenges to meet essential needs and Adverse Childhood Effects (ACE’s).

MIN can reach families in need, connect them to health and human service agencies and lift them up so children can thrive.

Together we can reduce absenteeism and increase graduation rates so school funding will follow.

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Provide Justice for the Whole-Person

MIN supports early-intervention initiatives that prevent arrests and support post-incarceration success.

When the justice system focuses on the whole-person, governments spend less on the criminal justice system and jail recidivism decreases.

Bridge the Gap for Those in Crisis

Our service-enablement tools put early intervention resources in the hands of police officers, law enforcement and public safety officers to link those in crisis with helpful programs.

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Develop Supportive Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs are the key to a healthy, happy and productive workforce. MIN connects employees to essential resources like mental health support through 211 so they can be successful at work.

Close the Technology Divide

MIN works with cell phone carriers, Internet providers and app developers to enhance access to resources and information.

View the MIN Fact Sheet to learn more.

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Discover Real Time-Data on Community Needs

Drive strategic decision-making with the most up-to-date data sets in the state. Historical and real-time data trends can be segmented by geography and demography. 211 Maryland also offers customized data platforms.

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